October 13, 2009

Los Angeles: Music Capital of the World?

(Julian in studio with dog? Also, did he make the record using a full-size Guitar Hero guitar?)

First, Thom Yorke graces Los Angeles with the first (and to this point ONLY) live shows of his solo material with his new as-yet-to-be-named band including Flea on bass. Now, word from Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes, is that he will play a series of shows EVERY FRIDAY in November in Los Angeles to debut his solo material off his new album, Phrazes For The Young, out on November 3rd (OK, technically Julian debuted this material at a show in Tokyo a month or so back, but I am going to ignore that little fact.) So now that the lead singers of two of the most influential bands of our time decide to debut their solo outfits in my fair city, I can only draw one conclusion: Los Angeles is the greatest music city on the planet.

The Julian Casablancas show details have not been revealed yet, but when they are you will be the first to know.
In the meantime, in preparation for the Phrazes For The Young release, check out Julian's first single off the album, "11th Dimension" LINK. This song finds Julian shifting his focus up a generation. While The Strokes' music was dominated by 70s Television-style guitar riffs, this lead single allows 80s synth to take center stage. The guitar riffs are still there, but serve more as accents. This just sounds like Julian having a damn good time and I am really enjoying this one. It shares more with The Strokes' latest release, First Impressions From Earth (which was seriously underrated and overlooked) than their previous efforts. You can stream the single on the Lala Player in the upper right along with some great old Strokes songs, "12:51" and "Electricityscape". Looking forward to hearing the whole album soon - both on my iPod and in Los Angeles in November!


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