October 1, 2009

Animal Collective + Phoenix = Awesomeness

Phoenix is releasing a remix collection of their latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (originally titled, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection)) on October 13th. Remixes include some of my favorite current artists like Passion Pit and some of my favorite remix specialists Alex Metric and 25 Hours A Day (responsible for my favorite Phoenix remix to date of "Long Distance Call"). The biggest news by far on this album is that Animal Collective is remixing "Love Like A Sunset" combining the talents of two of my all-time favorite bands and the bands responsible (in my opinion) for the two most exciting albums of the year. "Love Like A Sunset" is the perfect choice for Animal Collective adding some of their primitive sounding drums and spaced out electronics to the hypnotic Mars vocal. Loving this.

Check it out here for free download: LINK

This is what Animal Collective had to say about the remix project:

“This spring i was in Panama with Brian.
We were cramped into a van on a bumpy, winding central american road going a little too fast. Feeling a little edgy, I put on my headphones and listened to United and Alphabetical back to back. I watched passing fruit stands, a sweet central american dusk and memories of the massive schools of jelly fish, snapper, and trevally; the few dolphin and even the few bluefin tuna (too few) that brian and i had just had the joy of diving with the blend of all of these things put me at ease.

Phoenix has been a staple for all four of us since Dave and Noah brought home United from the record store they used to work at. One of the records that would get us through some of those long cross country tour drives, we’ve listened to phoenix’s jams many many times. We were all totally psyched to get asked to do this and it was super fun to work on it.

All the best to those dudes”

Also, available for free download is the Friendly Fires' remix of "Fences" which is pretty sweet too. LINK


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