October 6, 2009

Introducing: Electric Wire Hustle

(The band performing live)

Electric Wire Hustle is a trio hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, but they sound like they are coming straight out of Motown era Detroit. The band's singer is very much indebted to the late great Marvin Gaye, but really what soul singer isn't. The production work combines the soul and hip-hop fusion of J Dilla with the Motown / Wall of Sound leanings of Mark Ronson. High praise from me considering these are two of my favorite producers.

"They Don't Want" is a brilliant display of their talents. This one sounds like a lost Motown track from Marvin era, What's Going On, until the electronic beat comes to the forefront around the 2:50 mark feeling like a J Dilla outro. The song has this incredible tension constantly feeling like it is about to explode, but always seems to pull back and let the vocals command the stage. Loving this track - check it out: LINK

"Perception" appears to be their first single (or at least they have a video for it) and it shows a different side to the group or at least a revised focus. Still soulful with electronic and hip-hop infused beats, this one feels more like a jam session between Jamaraqui and The Roots. Awesome sound and a very cool video.


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  1. I just found this post randomly, and yes this band is amazing. I love love love, gonna make a post on them pretty darn soon . Stay blessed xx