October 12, 2009

Free AND Legal Downloads from Great New Bands

(Free Energy)(The XX)
(The Big Pink)

Thanks to Urban Outfitters (never thought I would start a sentence like that and ACTUALLY mean it) and their LSTN series, we all have access to 25 new songs from up and coming bands absolutely free through iTunes.

Their latest compilation LSTN #7 includes some of my favorite current artists, The XX, The Big Pink, Free Energy, Washed Out and Rain Machine all of whom have been raved about in past posts on DYB. Maybe I should give Urban Outfitters more credit or myself less (I am thinking the latter). Either way I seem to share a similar music sensibility with the mass retailer's taste makers and I am going to have to just accept that (through numerous therapy sessions). I am willing to neglect my pride to introduce more of you to great music - and this compilation does have that in spades. Other interesting artists to check out on here: The Dodos and Girls. Here is the LINK. Just click in the upper right hand side on "Click Here To Download" and it should open up your itunes for the download.

LSTN #6 is also available for download in iTunes. #1-4 are available to download as zip files. #5 has expired but is still available for free streaming.

Let me know what bands you like in the comments and I will write some posts on them!


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