October 30, 2009

Introducing: Sleigh Bells, Warpaint, Freelance Whales, Joker and MORE

So there has been a lot of exciting new music coming out recently across a huge spectrum of genres. I have been slacking a bit recently and haven't had the chance to bring as much of it to your attention as I would like - SO this is my grand attempt to rectify that. Here are the new bands (and one a little less new band with new stuff, but no less noteworthy).

Sleigh Bells is a duo consisting of beat master and songwriter Derek Miller and his muse Alexis Krauss on vocals. "Crown on the Ground" LINK has been spinning on repeat all week for me. This song is not for weak - it is an all out banger. If Jack White and Timbaland produced a club anthem for M.I.A to sing this would be it. What starts as a somewhat jarring guitar riff, opens up completely with bass pumping well into the red. Krauss sweetens up the song just enough with her M.I.A meets Annie delivery to make the song a perfect party anthem. Love, love this track. And the rest of their output so far is just as strong. "Beach Girls" LINK continues with the M.I.A. lite (but not too lite) vibe and on "Ring Ring" LINK they change it up completely with Krauss singing an awesome new melody over the already fantastic Funkadelic track "Can You Get to That"(listen to the classic original on my LALA playlist in the upper right corner) - she completely makes it her own. These guys are about to blow up.

The only similarity that Warpaint shares with Sleigh Bells is female vocalists. But Warpaint has 3 and their harmonies and haunting, minimalist instrumentation is what draws me in here. On "Billie Holiday" LINK over a simple plucked acoustic guitar, the three beautifully harmonize simply spelling out the title (character's) name over and over - the result is mesmerizing. "Stars" which has an awesomely dark, dreamy and creepy video (below) is similarly using their combined voices to drive haunting melodies. "Elephant" LINK picks up the beat a bit with electric guitar and percussions, but as always the voices are the highlight. If that weren't enough to get you excited, John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed their EP, Exquisite Corpse, out now.

Freelance Whales seems to take inspiration from everywhere - the vocals sound like Ben Gibbard meets Sufjan Stevens, the lyrics definitely influenced by Death Cab as well and some Arcade Fire, the instrumentation all of the above and even some Passion Pit-esque electronics. Their debut album, Weathervanes, feels more of the middle of this decade - more of a heart-on-your-sleeve record with just brilliant, classically influenced musical compositions. These guys have a lot of talent and have put out one hell of a debut. Check out "Generator^First Floor" LINK (their "Rebellion (Lies)") and "Starring" LINK (Passion Pit similarities here) and really the whole album. Great stuff.

Joker is 20 year old dubstep producer out of Bristol, England. I like dubstep, but LOVE it's influence when infused with other genres. Joker takes Simian Mobile Disco track "Cruel Intentions" LINK featuring vocalist Beth Ditto and drops in some awesome breakbeats turning this into a perfect dance floor track. One of my favorite songs of the moment. You can check out his "Rising" profile on P4K HERE for more info on his original stuff which is pretty damn good too.

Finally, check out this new Yeasayer tune, "Ambling Alp", the first single off their second album, Odd Blood, coming out February 19th. You can download it for free on their site HERE. They have such a great sound. Like MGMT but more adventerous - love these guys and loving this tune. Check it out. And if you are unfamiliar with Yeasayer check out "2080" and "Sunrise" in my LALA playlist in the upper right corner.

Lots of new tunes to carry you through the weekend. Hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments what you are digging.



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