March 26, 2010

New Music Overload! Thom Yorke, The National, BSS, and more

Well it is about time! This week has seen new music dropped by three of my favorite artists and some exciting up and comers ALL with great new tracks. With Thom Yorke (in a supporting role), The National and Broken Social Scene all releasing new music this week (and BSS with two new tunes), the pleasure centers in my brain have been malfunctioning and on the verge of complete collapse. Let's get to some of this music already:

Broken Social Scene already released the brilliant "World Sick" (currently in the pole position for song of the year for me) off their forthcoming album, Forgiveness Rock Record. Now they have made available for download on iTunes and available for streaming below, TWO new songs off the forthcoming album, "All to All" and "Force to Love". "Force to Love" is an excellent tradition rock song with the added layers one comes to expect from BSS. "All to All", for me, is the true gem. It uses occasional female vocalist for the group, Lisa Lobsinger, as the lead and it comes off like a newer Yeah Yeah Yeahs song with Lisa a more vulnerable Karen O. The song is airy, summery at the beginning and by minute 3 is jammy and drives it home beautifully. I have been listening to this one on repeat - check it out below.

The National already got me (way too) excited for their upcoming album with the "Terrible Love" performance from Fallon (video posted HERE.) Now comes their official single, "Bloodbuzz Ohio", off the new album, High Violet, that drops in May. This song would have fit beautifully on their last album, the absolute classic Boxer, but it shows a bit of the transition from that album to the all-out rocker that is "Terrible Love". These guys can do no wrong in my book.

Flying Lotus is an experimental producer based out of LA creating some of the craziest beats out there. His album, Los Angeles, was a critical darling in 2008. How does one improve upon that success? Team up with Thom Yorke on your new album's, Cosmogramma, first release, And the World Laughs With You". The first two minutes sets the stage for his mind bending beat making ability with Thom Yorke's super smooth vocals coming in shortly after the 2 minute mark. Loving this track too!

While the biggest names in indie music are raising the bar this year, the newer guys are holding their own too:

Delorean (who I have written about before HERE) are back with the first track, "Stay Close" off their upcoming debut album (though these guys had quite the impressive first EP dropped last year). This track is everything that is great about Delorean - fun, dancey electronic club music made for beach / poolside listening. These guys take a lot of influences from the Swedish poppy electronic bands (learn more about them HERE), but make this their own. Will be listening to this one all weekend.

One more newbie that I just started listening to be, but am really digging is Blondes. These two guys are an electronic music "jam band". They are experimenting and always pushing their music (I hear their live shows are sick!). Check out a jam off their EP below.

Enjoy and have a great weekend,

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