March 15, 2010

The National Debut "Terrible Love" On Fallon...

And make me all the more excited for May. While this year has been slow on the mind-blowing music front, two of my favorite bands of the past decade, The National and Broken Social Scene, have both dropped new songs on the world to give me hope that the 10s have some promise yet. Broken Social Scene absolutely killed their return after a 5 year hiatus with the single, "World Sick" off their forthcoming album (out May 4th), Forgiveness Rock Record (single and all the details available HERE). The National's last two records (3rd and 4th overall), Alligator and Boxer, are two of my favorite records of the past decade (just barely missing out on this HERE) and show a band that is absolutely peaking right now. "Terrible Love" shows the band continuing to build on all the qualities that make them great -lead singer Matt Berninger's deep baritone, helpless yet somehow hopeful lyrics, brilliant orchestral instrumentation, and distinctive and flat out awesome drumming. The band talks about how they have to make their songs less "epic" as they finalize their record, but like Broken Social Scene these guys embrace that "epic" sound in all the best ways. The last minute is both raw but polished rock of the highest order. Can't say enough about these guys. I am looking to them and BSS to save the year.


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