April 1, 2010

Coachella IS Coming! Introducing Club 75

Coachella is only 15 days away (15!) and I may have to freeze myself until then to contain my unbridled excitement. Instead I have decided to dedication DYB over the next 15 days (15!) to all things Coachella until then INCLUDING Introductions to the most exciting (and some lesser known artists), Recommended schedules for each day and most importantly MIXES including all the best, most exciting artists. Get ready!

To kick off the COACHELLA IS COMING! section, I want to introduce one of the most exciting and unique collaborations at the festival, Club 75. Most will be surprised to see Club 75 in BOLD with billings comparable to such acts as Phoenix, Spoon and Strokes lead man, Julian Casablancas (all of who I highly recommend seeing as well) until they know who is in this electronic music supergroup. Club 75 consists of Xaiver de Rosnay (1/2 of Justice), Zdar (aka Cassius and the producer of Phoenix), DJ Medhi and Busy P (only the founder of Ed Banger Records and Daft Punk's original manager) - now that's a bit more exciting. This collaboration started five years ago at REX CLUB in Paris with all these electronic geniuses behind the deck and each one stepping forward and taking over at random whenever they had an idea on where to take the music. "From hip-hop to rock to house to techno to rock" this should be an all-out party in the Sahara "techno" Tent! Check out a mix from Club 75 below:

More Coachella knowledge to drop on all of you soon. For know...