July 10, 2009

Production Genius

Bibio, a Boards of Canada disciple, started his career making soundscapes in the vein of his idols focusing on making music composed of as lo-tech and natural music devices as possible. His latest, Ambivalence Avenue, bursts out of that mold with one of the most diverse set of productions to come out in years. Bibio channels J Dilla on "Fire Ant" and a Panda Bear meets Os Mutantes on Lover's Carvings. At first blush the two songs don't feel part of the same genre let alone the same album but there is an underlying cohesiveness to Ambivalence Avenue even as he goes through influences as far-ranging as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young ("Abrasion") and Daft Punk ("S'Vive"). Just brilliant.

Check out "Fire Ant" and "Lover's Cravings": link
Download his title track off Warp Records website (need to sign up for the newsletter): link


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