July 30, 2009

Introducing: The Big Pink

(Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze of The Big Pink)

The Big Pink are about to blow up. With only a handful of singles released, including the excellent "Dominos" off their upcoming release, A Brief History of Love to be released September 15th, these two London boys have already lined up a slew of European festival dates including huge festivals like Glastonbury and Leading and worked with legendary producer, Alan Moulder (of My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins) on the brilliant, "Velvet". Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze have created a sound that they believe "marries an anthemic pop sensibility with fiery digital experimentalism" and I tend to agree. These guys grew up on Oasis, Blur and some Stone Roses and married it with an electronic wall of sound. Milo also runs and owns the UK indie label, Merok Records that has put out some of the best indie music in the last few years from new wave ravers the Klaxons to the exciting young electronic act Crystal Castles to one of my favorite new indie rock bands, Titus Andronicus (which may require their own post on last year's brilliant and epic, The Airing of Grievances) Could these guys be more destined for greatness??

The single, "Dominos", bleeds with the confidence of Oasis and the influence is obvious, but the result is uniquely their own. This is anthemic song if I have ever heard one - a single guy's anthem at its core, but one that I think can be appreciated by all. I have been blasting this one with the windows down non-stop. Check it out on the band's website (free download): http://musicfromthebigpink.com/

"Velvet" is more complicated with lush electronic sounds creating a intricate wall of sound behind the (this time) more vulnerable sounding lead singer, Furze. The album is called A Brief History of Love and this song delves much deeper into the complex emotion of love - this is The Big Pink showing some of their lyrical promise. The end is just perfect - pulling back the music to just minimal procussions around the 3:10 mark revisting the opening lyrics then driving with its Bloody Valentine heavily distorted guitars towards a epic climax. Check out the original: LINK and the Gang Gang Dance (an excellent band that will continue to make appearances on this blog) remix that allows the lyrics to stand on their own until it ultimately explodes into GGD's brilliant weirdness at the 3:00 mark and never looks back: LINK

Also, check out The Big Pink's myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/musicfromthebigpink) and the pictures that consist of their About The Big Pink section as you scroll down on the right. Some beautiful images and insight into the bands inspiration. Here's one photo to leave you with:


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