July 10, 2009

Best of LA venues - Troubadour

Might as well start with the best (and my personal favorite). The Troubadour just oozes history - from its first year seeing comedy idol Lenny Bruce arrested on obscenity charges to launching the careers of the Byrds, James Taylor, Elton John to the stage that saw Radiohead perform songs from OK Computer for the first time on US soil (wish I was there for that one). This year has already seen Animal Collective debuting Merriweather Post Pavillion (one of the best shows of my life), Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear. The setting is intimate (maybe 250 people) and the best part - you can fax in your orders to avoid the insane ticketmaster fees. Visit the website to check out upcoming shows: link

Upcoming announced shows that are must sees:
July 24 - La Roux (the new Robyn/Annie/Little Boots - the perfect artist for remixing). This remix is a really cool stripped down dubstep version of "In for the Kill": link

Others of note:
August 28 - Gang Gang Dance (this remix they did of The Big Pink is fire: link)
September 15 - Fanfarlo (check out "Harold T. Wilkins": link)


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