September 15, 2009


This new concept is simple - the illest, freshest tracks in hip-hop. These require your immediate attention:

Jay-Z - "Empire State of Mind" - Jay-Z just dropped The Blueprint 3 (maybe you haven't heard since he has only be promoting it on everything from the VMAs to Jay Leno for God's sake) and it is sick, if only a bit inconsistent. There is nothing inconsistent about the track "Empire State of Mind" though. This track could have fit squarely on the original (The Blueprint is probably my favorite of all of his brilliant albums) amongst the likes of "Izzo (H.O.V.A)" and "Heart of The City" (my all-time favorite Jay-Z track). With bouncing piano riff and a loose rhythm section Jay just slays the verse absolutely dominating the track. On top of all that Alicia Keys lays down the best hook of the year - if this song doesn't get you feeling some serious NYC love nothing ever will. I have listened to this song nearly 50 times since it came out a week ago (so the answer is yes I have problems). LINK

(Love this album cover)

Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon (LP): "I got 99 problems and they all bitches" - best first line off a debut album I can remember. Still soaking in the new Cudi album that dropped today, Man on the Moon, but Cudi has crafted one of the most distinct and unique styles amongst the new up and coming MCs. His flow is smooth, slow, thoughtful and he drops gems like that first line often. Highlights are "Soundtrack 2 My Life" LINK, "Day N' Nite" (obviously), "Make Her Say", "Man on the Moon" and "Pursuit of Happiness" (which features MGMT and Ratatat to give him the indie cred, not like he needs it)



  1. finally some hip hop! dope ICU pic. looks like something from the Matrix 1, except not post-apocalyptically depressing..

  2. More hip-hop to come for sure. Look for ICU to be a frequent posting from now on.