September 3, 2009

Everything You Need to Know About (EYNTKA): TV on the Radio (TVotR)


TV on the Radio is one of the most exciting bands making music today. Unfortunately, they announced today that as a band they would be taking a year off to pursue other interests and just live life. So I thought for all those not yet priviledged to their music, this would give you a year to learn their back catalog and get amped up for their return. The Brooklyn band melds a diverse array of genres from rock, electronic, jazz, soul to hip-hop. For me their music's focus is the beat. Everything centers around it and builds outward with subtle accents, textures and layered production from their production genius David Sitek. Their vocals are also fantastic led by singer Tunde Adebimpe with harmonies provided by Kyp Malone. Sitek though is the star and one of the most exciting producers in the game today working with other acts like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Liars. Which leads me into my next section...

Fact I Refuse To Acknowledge:
Sitek is also the producer behind Scarlett Johansson's reimagining of Tom Waits songs. Let's just move on...

Trivia / Hipster Cred Knowledge:
The band's first album was self-released and titled, OK Calculator - one of the least subtle references to a band influence I have ever seen (but pretty funny). Apparently (since it is not widely available and I have not heard it) it varies dramatically from what has become the TVotR song - it was more hip-hop and electronica. The band added Kyp Malone to the group and then released what is their more commonly referred to debut, Young Liars which catapulted them on to the scene with the brilliant anthem, "Starring At the Sun". LINK

Album / Song Highlights:
Young Liars (EP): The aforementioned "Starring At the Sun" and the subtler but just as brilliant "Blind"
Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes: "Starring At the Sun" in its currently loved form and "Poppy" LINK
Return to Cookie Mountain: "Wolf Like Me" #6 on PMA's best of the decade here: LINK (Hard to disagree with that) and "Province" is my personal favorite.
Dear Science: This was my album of the year last year - just brilliant the whole way through. "Love Dog" is my other personal favorite. Also killer is "DLZ"

Kyp Malone just released a single off his soon to be released solo album as Rain Machine with bizarre album artwork below. But this song "Smiling Black Faces" LINK is epic, brilliantly penned and beautiful. Album out 9/22.

Lead singer Adebimpe just did a new track with Massive Attack that's pretty cool too.

So there is likely to be more from these guys even if it is not as TVotR for now.


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