December 3, 2009

Phoenix Perform "1901" and "Lisztomania" for The Take Away Shows

For those unfamiliar with the Take Away Shows directed by Vincent Moon, it is time to get acquainted (All the shows are available for viewing HERE). The concept is simple: take a great artist and bring their music outside - to a park, field, square, even an elevator - in an atypical setting and just let it play out. No editing just letting the music and the environment interact and see what happens. The National, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, you name it have done some fantastic shows in the past. Now it is Phoenix's turn. They play "1901" in front of a couple about to be married and a small crowd in Trocadero square right next to the Eiffel Tower and then take over a double decker tour bus to play "Lisztomania" riding right by that famous Paris landmark. Check out the whole series (including "Long Distance Call" and some detail on the event HERE).


"Lisztomania / One Time Too Many":


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