November 19, 2009

Quickie: New Vampire Weekend

(Awesome new cover for equally awesome new single, "Cousins")

Been a busy week, but look for a slew of new posts next week as I will be blogging from sunny Florida.

Vampire Weekend exploded onto the blogsphere and then the mainstream with their excellent and commercially successful self-titled debut. Influenced heavily by Paul Simon ripping afro-pop, Vampire Weekend make their Graceland. Now these Columbia University alums are dropping their sophomore album, Contra, on 1/12. After a leak of the song "Horchata" I was a bit concerned about a sophomore slump - it had some of the charm of the last offering, but less of it (the classic symptom of most sophomore outings). But first single, "Cousins" (video below) brings this right back near the top of my list of anticipated 2010 albums. "Cousins" is bursting with energy as much influenced by Paul Simon as The Clash. Vampire Weekend showed some inclinations for punk music on the aptly titled "A-punk", but this track blows that one out of the water (and A-punk was one of my favorites on the first album). Lots to be excited about here! Check it out:


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